"Sun Club serve as a brilliant amalgamation of various styles that swirl together into one cohesive and incredibly satisfying result. They carry a certain spontaneity that makes their music inherently enjoyable, you’re never too sure of when they’re going to stick to a catchy rhythm or break into a primal flash of shouts and percussive breakdowns."
--Grant Golden, Paste Magazine
"The sound is solid and makes for some damn catchy songs, especially atop their mosaic of percussion. Vocalist Mikey Powers is an impressive force, clearly not shy when it comes to really belting into a mic. Even so, his voice is controlled and clear, steering the songs along."
--Sunny Eckerle, Gimmie Indie
"Heralding songs to crash the homecoming school dance and interrupt the popularity contents; 'Beauty Meat' celebrates a hungry and carnivorous pageant of its own choosing and right. True to the nature of their name, Sun Club keeps the pacing high on its own energetic heels."
"Baltimore band Sun Club creates upbeat indie orchestral pop tunes with flourishing, bright instrumentation, a series of musical stops and starts along with delirious stomping, joyful ohh-ohh choruses, melodic hooks and animal calls and howls."
--, Indie Rock Cafe
"Frequently devolving into a brief burst of frenetic rhythms and world-music inspired drum beats, it's not hard to find the influences of acts like Animal Collective bleeding in to Sun Club's music. Each track on Dad Claps follows an overarching theme of push and pull, whether you're starting with a balls-out blast of tight guitar lines and shouted vocals or slowly building with driving rhythms and spacey soundscapes you're guaranteed an exciting musical adventure."
Image of Sun Club's Dad Claps at the Mom Prom Cover

GNR045 | Sun Club

Dad Claps at the Mom Prom

Hailing from ever eclectic Baltimore, Maryland, SUN CLUB infuses bright instrumentals, animal calls, and delirious stomping with dirty sunshine pop to get your body grooving. SUN CLUB formed in 2012 out of the ashes of an old band, with the purpose of making people go insane (in a great way). Pulling from influences like The Beach Boys and Animal Collective, SUN CLUB creates an array of energetic noises. After working with producer Steve Wright, their debut EP is out on Goodnight Records on January 21st.

about the EP:
“it’s a huge collection of our entire childhood and stuff. like we’ve been making tons of music our whole lives and we were learning from everything we did and this ep is what really came out of everything. it’s what we have been working to make for a while and it’s finally something we’re super super proud of. we didn’t spend a ton of time recording, because we didn’t want it to me over analyzed. and i guess that worked because it ended up to be exactly how we wanted it. we talked with steve, the producer, a ton before hand about what we wanted and he just knew exactly the vibe we wanted. so we tracked live and did everything in 4 or 5 days and it is perfect!” - Shane from Sun Club

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Sun Club - Dad Claps at the Mom Prom

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  3. Repulsive on Chocolate
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