"It's pretty rare that a musician can keep a productive and interesting career going for more than a couple years. To do it for as long as Franklin has, and to deliver one of his best, most interesting albums this late in the game, is truly astonishing."
--Tim Sendra, AllMusic
"With Black Horses, Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody succeed at creating an album of depth that can be enjoyed repeatedly from start to finish"
--Jeff Demars, Glide Magazine
"After hearing Black Horses, you’d be hard pressed not to think that Franklin is still coming into his prime"
--Arnold Pan, PopMatters
"Franklin's solo albums are appealingly trippy, but they're just as impressive for their songcraft"
--Marah Eakin, AV Club
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GNR034 | Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody

Black Horses

“Black Horses is an artfully constructed effort all the way through, bearing a consistently contemplative tone that’s punctuated just enough by Franklin’s signature guitar roaring,” writes PopMatters’ music editor Arnold Pan. “Better yet, it’s the sort of effort that makes you reassess Franklin’s earlier work, drawing out some of the subtleties in Swervedriver’s bold aesthetic when you go back to it with the benefit of hindsight.”

Black Horses is Adam Franklin’s fourth studio album. It retains much of his signature layered guitar work with a strong sense of melody. These songs have such distinct texture and fleshed out arrangements that aurally Black Horses recalls the great headphones records of earlier decades. There are certain themes that run throughout, which lend an instrumental narrative to the album as well, deepening the listening experience by creating a sonic pathway across the album’s ten tracks.

From 1990 to 1998, Adam Franklin was the singer, guitarist and main songwriter for London-based Swervedriver before the band reunited in 2008, which included a high-profile performance at Coachella. Swervedriver were contemporaries of and label mates with My Bloody Valentine and Ride but with a more adrenalized rock ‘n’ roll sound, showing flashes of Husker Du and Sonic Youth. Since Swervedriver’s hiatus in the late 90’s, Franklin released three full-length albums under his own name. Black Horses, the new release from Adam Franklin & Bolts Of Melody is out this summer on July 16, 2013 via Goodnight Records.

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Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody - Black Horses

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  1. Asha MP3
  2. When I Love You (I Love You All the While)
  3. I Used to Live for Music
  4. Boocat LeahMP3
  5. Shining Somewhere (Horses Version)
  6. Passenger Train, Warped by the Rain
  7. Coda Code
  8. I Used to Live for a Thousand years
  9. Boom!
  10. Lomg Way Home