"Grow Younger EP is bursting with imagination; it’s the sort of record where dignified string arrangements bleed into gauche prog-rock synth lines and twee-inflected ballads bloom into psych stompers. So much is going on in these songs that it’s no wonder so many players are involved, but the music never feels too busy or undermines itself. Everyone seems to have bought into the same master plan, and the results are highly pleasant. Enter Friend Roulette’s expansive sonic realm below."
--Chris Deville, Stereogum
"Their songs are a mesmerizing landscape in which sounds seem to float. Complex, layered percussion pulls together Julia’s breathy vocals and Matt’s fluid guitar."
--Jessica Bal, Go Fork Yourself
"Like an old Noir film, Friend Roulette never gives away the plot, but the distinct pleasure of discovering their dreamy Cabaret texture is enough to keep your ears duly occupied during the journey."
--Mike Levine, Deli Magazine
"I Guess" is the kind of rhythmic art pop that Sufjan did on Age of Adz and St. Vincent did on Strange Mercy, and if you liked those albums, you might find something to dig here too."
--BV, Brooklyn Vegan
"Their songs are eclectic and musical in the purest sense of the word, the way Van Dyke Parks's music is real musician's stuff."
--Phillip Pantuso, Austinist
"While Friend Roulette globetrots through Parisian, Arabian and 18th century influences onstage, there's a core group of five or six dancers right below them, slowly moving to the music via mix of jam-band hippy dance, snake charming, and something seen in Cirque du Soleil."
--Lauren Beck, L Magazine
"What I found really enticing about Friend Roulette is their multiple percussionists. For a lot of performers this could get out of hand, but the professional level of orchestration across each song solidifies how amazing each of these musicians is."
--Kyle Cina, Right This Second
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GNR030 | Friend Roulette

Hi, Hello EP

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Friend Roulette - Hi, Hello EP

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  2. On Her Own Tonight
  3. Dog, Tambourine (bonus demo - digital only)
  4. Or, berlin (bonus demo - digital only)