"For additional post-punk brillance, cross your fingers that springtime—and therefore, A Strange Game—arrives quickly. We will too."
--Staff, Filter Magazine
"The song itself has a classic post-punk vibe, although a tuneful pop cut like this would sound good in any era."
--Alex Hudson, Exclaim!
"Drawing on the best of shoegaze and post-punk to create a long-developing sound that's both pleasantly sprawling and jagged, Fan-Tan are now releasing their debut LP."
--DJ Miai, BreakThrough Radio
"All I could think was, wow these cats are well oiled and rehearsed. Window is the second single off A Strange Game by Goodnight Records to be released in late January 2013. I want this album!"
--Jenna Aranda, Bushwick Daily
Image of Fan-Tan's A Strange Game Cover

GNR028 | Fan-Tan

A Strange Game

Brooklyn post-punk trio Fan-tan began in 2007 when Ryan Lee and Sandee K moved from Chapel Hill to Brooklyn. After four years of touring and recording, they met drummer Mike Sherburn while on the road to SXSW, and the band was complete.

The group has become known for their intense live performances, melding guitar noise with icy rhythm, haloed by sharp, lilting vocal melodies. Their sound recalls a more rigid My Bloody Valentine or a less rigid Gang of Four. A more dramatic Jesus and Mary Chain. A kinder Suicide.

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Fan-Tan - A Strange Game

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  1. Chapter
  2. The WindowMP3
  3. Everything Will Be Fine
  4. Twelve Hour
  5. Avenue Lane
  6. 1989MP3
  7. Paris
  8. Lines
  9. The Fall