"The band seemingly puts equal weight on muscular instrumental jams and melody-driven vocal numbers. "
--Brian Reid, Prefix
"..a rare hybrid of dreamy and heavy, a sound that is somehow vile and soothing at once."
--Cristina Black, Time Out NY
"Have you ever had that long, dark, drawn out, apocalyptic dream where you hear the bomb drop and you’re certain that you have only seconds to live? Guitars squeal and drums wallop. But there is a deep tranquility in those last seconds, preparing for the end. Appropriately, the band’s soft side is just as intense as their hard, and their songs always come from the same intimate place. "
--Nick Greto, kevchino.com
"...the Big Sleep has brewed up a stirring alchemical stew of math rock industry and emotional depth."
--Susan Visakowitz , Billboard
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GNR027 | The Big Sleep

Nature Experiments

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The Big Sleep - Nature Experiments

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  1. #1
  2. Ace
  3. Valentine
  4. Ghosts in Bodies
  5. Wood on the Water
  6. Red Carpet
  7. Ladders
  8. Four Wishes
  9. Meet Your Maker
  10. 1001