"Layers of keyboards and guitar noise over a solid beat provide a foundation upon which their impeccable vocal harmonies can uplift and entrance."
--Julian Woolsey, Rock Edition
"Heaven's sound is simply mesmeric..."
--Adam Franklin, of Swervedriver
"There is a new band in Brooklyn -- Heaven -- they play my favorite song."
--Dean Wareham, of Galaxie 500
""'Mountains Move' just blew me away. The song is so restrained, it sits there building like it’s going to break right out of the box, then you all mange to reach in and calm things down, holding it in check."
--Jenell Kesler, It's Psychedelic Baby
"There is a transcendent quality to Brooklyn based Heaven’s latest single “Telepathic Love” - title-track of the psych rock trio's upcoming album."
--Dave Cromwell, Deli Magazine
"Heaven is a Brooklyn dream syndicate planted firmly between the 1985 crossroads of Paisley Underground shamble and noisepop blast...an abrasive blast of sheet-metal feedback doing its noble best to hide some spectral, Spectoral harmonies."
--Christopher Weingarten, Village Voice
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GNR025 | Heaven

S/T 7"

Heaven are a shiny new collaboration from New Yorkers Matt Sumrow (The Comas, Dean and Britta, Ambulance LTD), Mikey Jones (The Big Sleep, Adam Franklin, Snowden), and Ryan Lee Dunlap (Fan-Tan). A romantic clash between your Dad’s long lost favorite psych record and the soundtrack to a John Hughes film, Heaven ride a big sonic wave to deliver their dear and dreamy songs.

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Heaven - S/T 7"

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  1. Mountains Move
  2. Falling Apple