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kntrlr is disarmingly contradictory.  The centrifuge of confliction that powers kntrlr’s circuitry reached the red-level RPMs after years of playing rock music with The Press. As one of the founders and primary songwriters of that collective, Michael Henry raised the art of compromise and cooperation to new, diplomatic heights.  Consequently, an obedient caravan of electronics turned out to be the ideal co-conspirators for Michael Henry’s alternative musical persona – their feelings don’t get hurt and they have no ideas; they are merely the executors in kntrlr’s autocracy.

These minions help Mr. Henry institute a musical discipline that’s fully pruned of rock’s most subconscious tropes. There is nary a bar chord or snare drum to be heard throughout the 3 tracks on the Velveteen EP (recorded at The Fort in Brooklyn and at home), which explodes like a supernova of repressed sonic urges; it’s like someone tossed a match into a barrel of Henry’s ripe, fermented id sauce. 

From the martial 6/8 thrust of “Glory Glory”, which sounds like Mumford & Sons if they all got kidnapped and tortured by Heath Ledger’s Joker, to the hypnotic electro-vortex of “Velveteen”, these aural treatises churn with the kind of fiery friction that first birthed amino acids in the earth’s primordial ooze.

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kntrlr - Velveteen

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