"Live, they’re a whole different proposition. Perhaps the CD doesn’t grab me the same way because I never feel that there’s a danger that Knol Tate will come tumbling out of my stereo and clonk me on the head with his guitar"
--Steve McPherson, HowWasTheShow.com
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GNR022 | Askeleton

Isolationist EP

After some down time, Knol Tate and the Askeleton crew return with two brand new EPs for your listening enjoyment. Both EPs contain 6 songs and offer strikingly separate sounds and visions. “Isolationist” is an extension of the twisted pop of earlier recordings like Sad Album, Modern Fairy Tales and Angry Album (or Psychic Songs). It stews with made-from-scratch organic loops and the star-cluster of sounds dialed up by the band’s impressively deep inventory of Casio keyboards. Each EP was made at the same time with the same people creating sounds with no more than two microphones at once. It’s an immersion in the techniques of early, doe-eyed Askeleton, and the result is a charming, unfiltered broadcast from the minds of musicians that are fully ready to communicate with you

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Askeleton - Isolationist EP

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  1. Isolationist
  2. The Ambassador
  3. The Girl With the White Hair
  4. Left Handed BreathingMP3
  5. The Great Experiment
  6. Emily Fucking Post