"...you’re reminded of the way that the Velvet Underground (or perhaps more accurately, post-Velvets indie pioneers like Yo La Tengo and The Feelies) could take a simple, ostensibly uncomplicated idea and make something oddly insistent and urgent out of it."
--Jim Allen, Limewire
"Robert Horlick has this raw, emotional, almost magical quality to his music that seems unquantifiable yet potent."
--Davy Minor, Ohmpark
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GNR020 | Cassavetes

Faja Blues

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Cassavetes - Faja Blues

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  1. Young Hearts MP3
  2. You know, I'm Writing You a Letter
  3. p.s.
  4. If I Had EyesMP3
  5. Hugh, That's Another Story
  6. Stay Asleep And Sleep Better
  7. People Get Old (Older People)
  8. I Dreamed I Had A Heart Attack