"Invitation to a suicide...ringleader Knol Tate has decided CDs "are a dead medium." The plan is to release the album on vinyl and include a code allowing listeners to download the record in MP3 format along with at least six bonus tracks."
--Steve McPherson, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"I mention all these songs because the album has so many good ones it’s hard to pick the standout track or two. The disc has grown on me with each listen and may well end up on my “best of” list for 2008."
--David de Young, How Was the Show
"Live, they’re a whole different proposition. Perhaps the CD doesn’t grab me the same way because I never feel that there’s a danger that Knol Tate will come tumbling out of my stereo and clonk me on the head with his guitar"
--Steve McPherson, HowWasTheShow.com
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GNR016 | Askeleton

The Personalization

Knol Tate, who began Askeleton after the dissolution of his bands Kill Sadie and The Hidden Chord back in 2002, has long come off like he’s holding you at a distance. Tate started the trend first with the lo-fi, sample-based bedroom pop of “Sad Album” and then with the cold, industrial isolation of “Angry Album or- Psychic Songs,” but showed a more inclusive tendency with 2005’s “(Happy) Album.” And now comes “The Personalization,” which is almost, well, sunny.

Done with the trilogies, Askeleton have become simultaneously lighter and bigger than ever. Without being overly self-conscious, Tate has always made records with ideas behind them. If “(Happy) Album” was about bringing in all of his friends to contribute parts to his songs, “The
Personalization” represents a return to the stripped-down, live band aesthetics of labels like Stiff Records. This all-in-the-family approach was whittled down to a core group of players for “The Personalization.” Bringing together musicians he’s worked with for several years now, the band on the record is composed of guitarist/drummer Bill Caperton, bassist Noah Paster, multi-instrumentalist Robert Skoro (who also had a hand in producing the record), and drummer Steve Yasgar. These players’ musical experience imbues the record—the first real “band” record Askeleton has made--with an organic consistency and warmth.

On first glance, it may appear that Askeleton adopts different musical genres only to shed them just as fast, but in fact they’ve been accumulating styles in bits and pieces. “The Personalization” is simultaneously the most fully realized and simplest Askeleton record yet. 

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Askeleton - The Personalization

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  1. Move To Switzerland MP3
  2. This Isn't French
  3. Skunk Medicine
  4. In The Basement We All Think The Same
  5. I Wanna Marry All the Women
  6. Death to Saint Paul
  7. Swearing Isn't Very Becoming On YouMP3
  8. Kill Everyone Alive
  9. Minor Celebrity
  10. Intertwined
  11. A Girls Night
  12. (Bonus Disc) The Politics of This Party
  13. (Bonus Disc) Newest Song Called Untitled
  14. (Bonus Disc) In the Basement
  15. (Bonus Disc) Move to Switzerland
  16. (Bonus Disc) Minor Celebrity
  17. (Bonus Disc) Secret Drugs