"While largely more up-tempo than Birds, Furies is decidedly artier, borrowing the severity and breeziness of early '80s Britpop and using it to create rigidly defined sonic chambers filled with sweet-smelling fog."
--Noel Murray, The Onion
"Anyone who likes their indie pop with a full order of mystery and drama, hold the pretension, will treasure this dark and enchanting album."
--Tim Sendra, All Music Guide
"...the Rosebuds, an indie-pop duo previously given to jangly guitar rock, decided to turn their tale into a peppy album full of electro-lite grooves...Witness the birth of a new dance genre: fantasy-core!"
--Caryn Ganz, Blender Magazine
"Their two subsequent records-- including their latest and best release, Night of the Furies-- have collectively traced the path of a boy/girl relationship with rich detail and no shortage of passion."
--Eric Harvey, Pitchfork
"There's an understated drama to Night of the Furies, one that has more to do with its razor-sharp songwriting than its belabored conceptual framework."
--Brian Howe, Paste Magazine
"Is it possible the Rosebuds are secretly doing for the seasons what Sufjan is doing for the states?"
--Andrew Iliff, Stylus Magazine
"The Rosebuds have hit on that unique balance between art and pop accessibility. The band continues to grow and mature into one of my favorite bands with each passing album."
--Will , Sound As Language
"The Rosebuds were absolutely incredible. It was actually the first time I ever saw them live, and now I might be a little obsessed."
--BV, Brooklyn Vegan
Image of The Rosebuds's Night of the Furies Cover

GNR015 | The Rosebuds

Night of the Furies

Night Of The Furies is the third full-length from The Rosebuds, and will have fans heading for the dance floor with “Get Up Get Out” and “Hold on to This Coat.” Stylistically, however, Night Of The Furies follows a logical progression from their earlier work, 2003’s The Rosebuds Make Out and 2005’s Birds Make Good Neighbors. The danceable beats meld with catchy melodies built on themes both dark and seductive. Thematically, the songs are presented as individual and random parts of a larger story. The mood is ominous yet enticing; dangerous yet enchanting. Lyrics explore revolution and struggle, actions and consequences, but also love and redemption. One could easily just bounce along on the infectious pop hooks. Dig a little deeper, however, and a larger story and unified themes begin to unfold.

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The Rosebuds - Night of the Furies

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  1. My Punishment for Fighting
  2. Cemetery Lawns
  3. I Better Run
  4. Get Up and Get OutMP3
  5. Silence by the Lakeside MP3
  6. Hold on to This CoatMP3
  7. Silja Line
  8. When the Lights Went Dim
  9. Night of the Furies