"If The Arcade Fire were a band capable of seeing their own mistakes, they might try to find a band to emulate to get back on track. Enter The Press, who’s doing it better and faster than anyone else, including the heavily touted runners up mentioned above."
--Lou Perseghin, Wonkavision Magazine
"The band's sound on the EP ranges from high-octane, in your face parts to more melodic, straight-forward pop."
--Bill Dvorak, The Deli Magazine
"Remember how teachers and parents would always tell the other children, “Billy’s not weird… he’s just… unique”? Well then, let’s just say that The Press is unique."
--AP, AbsolutePunk.net
"The band juxtaposes Modest Mouse-ish grandeur with endearingly madcap passages on its strong new EP, "Milk, and the Times that Never Were." "
--Anon, Time Out
"This is music that sounds road-tested and at the same time serves as a heady advertisement for the band's live show. It is also sufficiently accomplished that it suggests this is an act ready to record a full-length CD."
--William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide
Image of The Press's Milk and the Times that Never Were Cover

GNR014 | The Press

Milk and the Times that Never Were

Goodnight Records is thrilled to deliver the newest release from The Press, “Milk, and the Times that Never Were.” The Press recorded their first two releases, the “Noxious Saucy Beast” EP, and “The Red Comes Ringin’” 7-inch, at Atlanta’s now infamous Shangri-La Studios. Sadly, a marriage combined with an shrinking demand for 2-inch tape recording led to the closure of engineer Will Loftin’s cozy home away-from-home. After a little prodding and some ATM visiting, Mr. Loftin agreed to let The Press borrow his gear to record their newest batch of songs in a friend’s living room. After laying down the drums, The Press moved to New York to reunite with Johnny “Jangles” Walsh, where the happy foursome completed the project over the next several months during the wee hours of the night, much to the chagrin of their ever-sleepy neighbors, who go to their jobs wearing cone-shaped sleeping caps that are wilted near the top and have fuzzballs at the point.

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The Press - Milk and the Times that Never Were

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  1. The Kindly Woodcutter
  2. Krab Teeth
  3. I Still Make
  4. Bruised Male Ego
  5. Yosemite Sam Morning