"If you've got a thing for progressive, genre-bending indie pop I would make a point of checking this out."
--Daniel, Dead Metaphor
"The song scared me a little, to be honest, but other, less lily-livered listeners will no doubt find a way to groove and grind to it."
--Molotov, Plague of Angels
""Red Comes Ringin" from... The Press, is an intelligent and manic rocker much in the vein of McLusky. It's got a bit of a bounce to it and moves in two speeds: frantic and down right mad."
--Bill Rocks, I Rock Cleveland
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GNR010 | The Press

Red Comes Ringin' 7"

The Press had an exciting year in 2005. In April they released their debut EP, “Noxious Saucy Beast,” as an unknown band from Atlanta, and interest in the group developed as they toured steadily up the East Coast and throughout the Midwest, playing any venue that would offer a booking. The EP was met with an impressively enthusiastic response, and the lead track “Three Point Three” was added to nearly two hundred college radio stations play lists. A wildly successful showcase in Toronto highlighted their broadest summer tour for the 2005 North by Northeast festival, and the band was optimistic about additional tour plans. However, the band experienced some setbacks as primary members Michael Henry and David Schneider struggled to recruit musicians to help deliver their wildly ranging songwriting aesthetic into a cohesive live show. Six different members traveled with The Press, fulfilling various instrumental duties as Mike and Dave switched from drums, guitars, keys, and bass depending on who could come along to play the show. Red Translucent Vinyl. Rad!

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The Press - Red Comes Ringin' 7"

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  1. The Red Comes Ringin'
  2. I Like to Talk About MyselfMP3