"12 well-crafted songs with a pronounced (but not slick) production sound, I recommend this..."
--EG, Punk Planet
"Knol Tate: musical chameleon or mental case?"
--Lindsey Thomas, City Pages
"a pop gem with a smiling chorus of regular-folk backing vocals that practically gleams."
--Peter Lindblad , Lost at Sea
"Like all musicians worth keeping an eye on, Tate’s more concerned with following his own distinctly odd vision than in the footsteps of any particular musical idols"
--Rob van Alstyne, Pulse
"(Happy) Album is sure to please fans and keep folks interested..."
--Don W. Seven, LMNOP
"Live, they’re a whole different proposition. Perhaps the CD doesn’t grab me the same way because I never feel that there’s a danger that Knol Tate will come tumbling out of my stereo and clonk me on the head with his guitar"
--Steve McPherson, HowWasTheShow.com
Image of Askeleton's (Happy) Album Cover

GNR009 | Askeleton

(Happy) Album

After some success, positive reviews and winning Minneapolis weekly’s Cities Pages “Song Writer Of The Year” for 2004s Angry Album, bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Knol Tate went straight into his own recording studio to work on the follow up. Ever changing sounds and aesthetic Tate moved away from the sample and lo-fi based digi-pop sounds of Sad Album and the digital rock meets minimalism of Angry Album. The (Happy) Album utilizes the Twin Cities community of musicians and the Askeleton live band. No longer a one-man band. Askeleton leaps out of the world of the computer composers.

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Askeleton - (Happy) Album

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  1. Places Where People Gather
  2. Cities, Not the People in Them
  3. People, Not the Cities They Live InMP3
  4. Anti-Saints with Words in their Mouths
  5. People Who Drive Cars
  6. Thieves Choke on Spit
  7. Some People/ThingsMP3
  8. You and Your New Me
  9. Can I Taste Rock N' Roll?
  10. Life is a Mood
  11. Someone Moved to Suburban California
  12. Community of Suffering and Struggle