"These are love songs destined for indie purgatory -- the emotions are too real for corporate radio, the hooks too poppy for Indie 103."
--Philip Stone, Splendid
"The Rosebuds have provided something that many indie rock bands don't: an interesting, unique record."
--Maura McAndrew , Pop Matter
"Wondrously echoes the somber strains of Yo La Tengo and the more timid tendencies of the Arcade Fire."
--Timothy Gunatilaka, Entertainment Weekly
"Their record is all deep twang, railroad rhythms, and innocence reclaimed."
--Noel Murray, The Onion
"It's Southern gothic through the filter of Ernest Hemingway, with the frightening stuff left off the page but seeping between the lines."
--Amy Phillips, Pitchfork
"The Rosebuds combine hooks, textures, and delicate production to create perfect pop songs that are at once fragile and unafraid."
--Anna Bond, Dusted
"Birds Make Good Neighbors is autumn wrapped up in cashmere: rich, comfortable, welcome."
--Darcie Stevens, Austin Chronical
"The Rosebuds were absolutely incredible. It was actually the first time I ever saw them live, and now I might be a little obsessed."
--BV, Brooklyn Vegan
Image of The Rosebuds's Birds Make Good Neighbors Cover

GNR008 | The Rosebuds

Birds Make Good Neighbors

Raleigh, North Carolina’s The Rosebuds are back with their second full length release! “Birds Make Good Neighbors” marks an astounding growth in stylistic range and songwriting maturity from the band’s 2003 debut “The Rosebuds Make Out.” Incorporating influences as diverse as The Kinks, The Go-Betweens, The Smiths and The Zombies, husband and wife team, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp have perfected the 3 minute pop songs they rolled out on “Make Out” and have taken adventurous forays into a denser, more lush soundscape.  Recorded with legendary producer Brian Paulson and featuring North Carolina drum hero Lee Waters (Work Clothes), “Birds Make Good Neighbors” is a beautifully realized pop album that will have you dancing, laughing, crying, and ultimately left breathless.

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The Rosebuds - Birds Make Good Neighbors

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  1. Hold Hands and Fight
  2. Boxcar Kids
  3. Waiting For the Leaves to Fall
  4. Wildcat in the Night
  5. The Lover's Rights
  6. Blue BirdMP3
  7. Outnumbered
  8. Shake Our TreeMP3
  9. Let Us Go
  10. Warm Where You Lay
  11. 4-Track Love Song