"Noxious Saucy Beast is daring, innovative, and the fun sneaks up on you."
--Anonymous, Insound
"The Press spits out an explosively disruptive sound that is both Modest Mouse and Pavement, peacefulness and unease, but catchy singles remain intact. "
--Anonymous, Charleston Post
"Definitely one to see, if only to add to your list of "I saw them before they were on MTV2" breakout stars."
--Jessica Clary, Savannah Now
"The chance the duo took by shelving their respective career’s is about to be vindicated with the release of their first EP "Noxious Saucy Beast.""
--Joseph Barracato, The Industry Reporter
"Rooted in rock, punk, and alternative, Noxious Saucy Beast offers memorable moments of melancholy indie rock"
--Anthony, Skratch Magazine
"their music defies convention, and I'm curious to see how they further develop."
--Jordan A. Baker, Paste Punk
Image of The Press's Noxious Saucy Beast Cover

GNR007 | The Press

Noxious Saucy Beast

Fashioned by the slick production hands of Will Loftin at Shangri La studios, Noxious Saucy Beast oozes with an amalgamation of otherworldly rock, punk, and
alternative influences. “With One Hand” unfolds with a sinister and searing sonic stew made of equal parts the Birthday Party and the Talking Heads while the albums opener “Three Point Three” is carried by straightforward guitar lines and stiff-legged tendencies. “Fattest Pigeon” is a rolling and overcast number that simmers with restless melancholy and reflection. Sharing alternating vocal duties all three members exhale with the fortitude and distress of a lifetime of influences where everyone from Ian Curtis to Kurt Cobain step in and out of the fray with a ghostly guiding light from beyond. Catch the Press before the Noxious Saucy Beast carries them away.

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The Press - Noxious Saucy Beast

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