"The best features of Bowie and the Locust together. With a characteristic sort-of James Brown funk/soul thing happening. The music is so bizarre and catchy and dancy."
--Anonymous, Delaware Hardcore
"I saw these guys last month at the Logan Memorial Presbyterian in Audobon NJ...and they ATE MY FACE. Apart from that, their singer is a total madman, in a good way."
--Anonymous, Philadelphia Inquirer
"When I arrived there was a band playing called Young Vulgarians. As I was paying my entrance fee, this woman came out screaming, “Now he’s hanging from the rafters!” I walk into the room and the singer was indeed, swinging from the beams of the building which his microphone lodged in his mouth and still singing!"
--Tank Green, Sonic Shags
Image of Young Vulgarians's Napoleonic Melodrama Cover

GNR004 | Young Vulgarians

Napoleonic Melodrama

Shortly after the turn of the 21st century, Young Vulgarians formed and began cultivating a bizarre hybrid of post-hardcore, 1980s Euro-style synth-pop, and shoegaze music at their home base in Philadelphia’s “Dirty South” (aka—Delaware). The result—deranged yet hyper-catchy and dancy pop songs presented at vomit-inducing volumes amidst outlandish and theatrical stage performances.

The Young Vulgarians disbanded in the Summer of 2004. This album is being released as a free, web-only download, with original packaging and artwork.

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Young Vulgarians - Napoleonic Melodrama

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  1. Requiem for Ingeborg Bachmann
  2. Cu Chulaind
  3. Famous Dandysme
  4. Mating with the Stars
  5. No More Questions
  6. On Our Little Balcony
  7. Christina Rossetti
  8. Other People's Suicides
  9. The Lover Without Qualities
  10. To the Top
  11. Under the Hill
  12. Like Clockwork
  13. Harold Pinter
  14. Wait at the Gate for Me
  15. Looking Glass