"North Carolina trio the Rosebuds step off the Merge roster for a second to give up "We've Had Enough" to these earnest Atlanta kids' label. 500 copies, clear vinyl, four different sleeves."
--Doug Mosurak, Dusted Magazine
"Although The Rosebuds enamored me, both bands and this new label are doing something exciting - they're showing Southern music is more than whistling with a moonshine jug."
--Erika Owens, Wonkavision Magazine
"Too bad this is on clear vinyl. It won’t last very long after repeated plays on my stereo."
--P. Lantry, Ghetto Blaster
"The Rosebuds were absolutely incredible. It was actually the first time I ever saw them live, and now I might be a little obsessed."
--BV, Brooklyn Vegan
Image of The Rosebuds / The Close's Rosebuds/Close Split 7

GNR003 | The Rosebuds / The Close

Rosebuds/Close Split 7"

Two of the biggest indie-rock bands in the Southeast team up for a split 7” on Goodnight records. Chapel Hill’s The Rosebuds have made a name for themselves with relentless touring and an infectious 60s sound. Their full-length on Merge Records, The Rosebuds Make Out, was one of the highlights of last year’s releases. The Close are Atlanta’s most important ‘new’ band, melding mid-90s post-rock with anthemic sing-alongs.

Each 7” comes in limited-edition clear vinyl with one of four hand-screened, signed, and numbered covers by up and coming Atlanta artists. A true must for any record collector.

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The Rosebuds / The Close - Rosebuds/Close Split 7"

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