"The Orphins' strongest qualities lie in a distinctive take on classic and current sounds that defies categorization but points to something much more defining in the future. Maybe even a new alternative revival."
--Chad Radford, Creative Loafing
"Atlanta natives The Orphins kick out disco/post-punk set to catchy bubblegum-pop keyboard riffs that'll get you dancing in a hurry and will give fans of Hot Hot Heat, Go Go Go Airheart, or Le Tigre reason to rejoice."
--Jude Ruiz, Skratch Magazine
"The Orphins make some of the coolest guitar sounds committed to CD this year."
--Shane Harrison, Access Atlanta
"Drowning Cupid is nothing if not consistently sporadic and tirelessly spontaneous. It is marked by bug-eyed, frantic distortion, tingling guitars, evil curiosities and an unquenchable thirst for fun"
--Sarah Peters, Lost At Sea
"The band mixes and juxtaposes styles with ease."
--David Smith, Delusions of Adequacy
"The Orphins come at you with a bunch of pop quirk that falls somewhere between Devo and Modest Mouse."
--Tim Scott, Screaming Bloody Mess
"The Orphins are a part of something larger going on in Atlanta, in general, and are certainly worth checking out."
--Xtian, Shredding Paper
Image of The Orphins's Drowning Cupid Cover

GNR002 | The Orphins

Drowning Cupid

The Orphins are a band flirting with irony. Conscious misspellings, a melancholic sense of humor, familiar, danceable rhythms coupled with complex textures and sounds - and it all changes with the next phrase of music. A bubblegum riff easily transitions into disco dancing, only to dive later into dissonant syncopation. Still, the music is totally self-contained - an Orphins song is instantly recognizable.

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The Orphins - Drowning Cupid

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  1. Camp Cryotop MP3
  2. Devilduck
  3. Chinese Prom
  4. The Car Song
  5. Monochrome MP3
  6. Deadspeak
  7. Crayons in the Cold
  8. The Onion
  9. Nameless
  10. Laserbird
  11. The Octopus Song
  12. A Day in Pompeii