"“Angry Album –or- Psychic Songs” is the dot on the I of what is currently right in the state of rock-n-roll"
--J. Sin, Smother.net
"Angry Album -or- Psychic Songs sounds like the offspring of a Ween and Stereolab coupling, shamelessly sassed up with Converse high tops and a new romantic-style blazer..."
--Monica S. Kuebler, Exclaim
"As they ring out like DNTL dirges, these crystalline sci-fi pop melodies feel somehow optimistic."
--Melissa Maerz, City pages
"Angry Album or Psychic Songs is a just plain likable album that can be poppy enough for the casual fan, yet offer plenty of opportunities for music geeks to pick apart all the peculiar sounds."
--Matt Roegge, 30 Music
"Tate has expanded the band from his one-man bedroom studio project to a live extravaganza"
--Richard T. Williams, Pop Matters
"Basically, it is the kind of album I love to tell all of my friends about, and to listen to over and over. It is also exactly the kind of album that I could never in a million years explain to Corporate America. Much to their loss."
--Dan Filowitz, Lost At Sea
"Live, they’re a whole different proposition. Perhaps the CD doesn’t grab me the same way because I never feel that there’s a danger that Knol Tate will come tumbling out of my stereo and clonk me on the head with his guitar"
--Steve McPherson, HowWasTheShow.com
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GNR001 | Askeleton

Angry Album -or- Psychic Songs

Knol Tate is Askeleton, a one-man project, rotatating orchestra, artisitic ‘happening’ in the grandest sense. Featuring members of Minus the Bear, End Transmission, and Pretty Girls Make Graves, Askeleton sounds like little else on the radio. This is the debut release for Goodnight Records and one of the best albums we have ever heard. A bedroom recording revolution. 

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Askeleton - Angry Album -or- Psychic Songs

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  1. Queenie
  2. BirdmanMP3
  3. Untitled No. 4
  4. The Future
  5. Futureman to Presentman
  6. GhostsMP3
  7. Shapes
  8. Your Big Mouth Will Get You In Trouble
  9. $ Vs. Entertainment
  10. Hands
  11. Untitled No. 5
  12. Gemini
  13. A Secret