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October 14, 2011

Goodnight to release The Big Sleep's Nature Experiments Jan 31st, 2012!!! Day In Day Out imprint! CMJ show!

Sometimes when things are going good it can be hard to think about the plight of other people. It's sad but true, as spiritual leaders Metallica once chortled. Yes, there’s a couple wars going on, and indeed there are a bunch of rightfully pissed off people protesting just a few miles away on Wall Street. We’d probably be more riled up about all of this if we hadn’t agreed to release the LP of Nature Experiments, the forthcoming album by Brooklyn’s much-loved and dearly-missed THE BIG SLEEP!!

Jiminy Cricket! That’s some hot-ass news. Or at least it’s got our asses nice and heated. Occupy who? What’s this about taxes? So yea, anyway, the digital version of Nature Experiments will be released by Frenchkiss Records, but your good friends here at Goodnight Records will be putting out the beautiful, the lustrous, the exquisitely designed, the ultra-high quality, totally sick Vinyl edition. This will be the third album from The Big Sleep after 2008’s “Sleep Forever” and 2006’s “Son of the Tiger”, but Nature Experiments will be the first of the band’s albums to be made available on Vinyl.

But wait, there’s more! The Big Sleep ain’t nobody’s fool, so it wasn’t like we just asked to work with them and they said, “ok.” No sir – we pulled out the corporate credit card and went to the city’s finest steakhouses and wine bars. During this extended courtship, we talked a lot about music and entomology and the upcoming harvest and all sorts of weird, wild stuff. It was fucking nuts. Anyway, so this one night, Danny from The Big Sleep, explained his idea for Day In Day Out Music, and the next thing we know we’ve got a new imprint! That’s right – we’ll be partnering with Day In Day Out Music to help release records by bands that Danny has helped produce and record, or just really likes! The inaugural release will be the New Detectives' latest LP (recorded by Eli Janney). More on this soon!

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about Goodnight’s OFF CMJ SHOWCASE NEXT WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19th. The Big Sleep will be headlining an awesome bill that includes Heaven, Lou-is, The Press, KNTRLR and Fan-Tan!

We’re trying our best to bring some goodness into this declining nation, folks. The fat cats may be lapping too much milk from the saucer, but they’ll never wear sunglasses as well as you, cool cats.

With Love,

The GNR Executive Team

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P.P.S.> The CMJ show is free with a RSVP or $10 otherwise. Email to RSVP now!
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