GNR051 | Heliotropes, Friend Roulette

PIG 7"

Heliotropes slow down "March of the Pigs" on the A-side, trading the original's teeth-gnashing menace for ghostly stoner-rock, while Friend Roulette sanitize the slither of "Piggy" with playful psych-pop. »


GNR008 | The Rosebuds

Birds Make Good Neighbors

The Rosebuds mesh their North Carolina charm with a lethal combination of the joyous and the sinister. »


GNR010 | The Press

Red Comes Ringin' 7"

Four singing, songwriting, dandypants/broham hybrids team up to give indie rock a categorical headache with unpredictable arrangements and enough sharp hooks to stock an end cap at Bass Pro. »

September 27, 2011

Goodnight and Tigress CMJ Show!

Hey Guys!

What’s y’alls CMJ plans?  We’re debating between 3 options:

Option 1:

Use our $500 badges to access the exclusive panels at Lincoln Center where we’ll learn hot industry secrets from biz insiders! From there, catch the subway downtown to see bands that have come from faraway places just for a chance to play in front of NYC’s elite –you never know who might be in the audience! Hopefully the 1 train won’t take too long, but thankfully we’ll have lots of colorful literature from CMJ’s sponsorship league that can keep us busy in case it’s creaking along under the weight of too many music fans eager to check out undiscovered bands!

Option 2:

Play Fantasy Football and eat Nutter Butters. Watch a few 30 second, blasted out showcase clips from well-known blogs and feel like we were more or less there.

Option 3:

Organize our own showcase with Tigress? I dunno, maybe get a few bands together, perhaps some really cool ones like The Big Sleep, Heaven, Fan Tan, Lou-Is, Friend Roulette, KNTRLR and The Press, then find a righteous venue like Party Xpo that’s conveniently located off the Myrtle stop on the JMZ and has just undergone a massive restoration and redesign, and invite our friends?

From the looks of this awesome poster designed by Mr. and Mrs. Vagina Panther, it appears we’re gonna go with Option 3.

See you there!

GNR Executive Team

P.S.> Our Facebook page smells great - spread your nostrils and take a whiff here..

P.P.S.> This show will be free with a RSVP or $10 otherwise. Email .

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