Picture of The Press
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  • Full Length CD
  • Released 04/06/10 on Goodnight Records
Master 7
Master 7"
  • 7" vinyl with Full Color Jacket
  • Released 11/03/09 on Goodnight Records
Milk and the Times that Never Were
Milk and the Times that Never Were
  • CD EP
  • Released 02/26/08 on Goodnight Records
Red Comes Ringin' 7
Red Comes Ringin' 7"
  • 7" Double Single on Red Vinyl
  • Released 05/30/06 on Goodnight Records
Noxious Saucy Beast
Noxious Saucy Beast
  • Extended Play CD
  • Released 04/26/05 on Goodnigth Records

The Press is a band from Brooklyn via Atlanta who will release their first full-length album this spring. This ornery foursome has spent the better part of the last five years honing their musical skills both separately and together, until they finally coalesced into their present incarnation in 2005.

Founding members Michael Henry and David Schneider met in Boston. They initially focused on home recording and started experimenting with linear arrangements, alternate tunings, unconventional vocals, and debasing stage antics as David and Michael rooted themselves in Atlanta’s exploding artist community. In 2005, Dave and Mike were introduced to Alex Picca and invited him to play drums on a summer tour. Alex fit like a snug lambskin and the lineup was nearly complete. The group continued to refine its sound as a trio of singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists with a live show that featured the classic marks of trade of a band whose outs-sized compositions were restrained by the logistical realities of performing as a trio. 

The band joined Goodnight Records to release their first EP Noxious Saucy Beast in 2005. We put out the Red Comes Ringin’ seven-inch in 2006 and then their second EP “Milk and the Times That Never Were” in 2007. The releases were met with encouraging praise, and the band’s tours introduced them to a national and international audience and earned them a loyal fan base. 

In 2006, the Press relocated again, this time to Brooklyn, NY. The band’s unrelenting work ethic carried on, as they adjusted to a make it or break it pace. The biggest and best thing that happened was when Chuck joined the band as a full time drummer, allowing the three singers to stand up front on stage together. Soon the harmonies soon began to become more elaborate and precise, and the set tightened with a zesty new energy. 

You can definitely divine many of the bands influences—Modest Mouse, Of Montreal, The Grateful Dead, The Violent Femmes, The Clash, Nine Inch Nails, The Everly Brothers, Burt Bacarach —but the band succeeds in letting their predecessors guide them without crowding their jocks. Their debut full-length album, INTEOTWJTEOAE proves that, big time.