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Drowning Cupid
Drowning Cupid
  • Full Length CD
  • Released 04/13/04 on Goodnight Records
The Orphins/The Liverhearts Split 7
The Orphins/The Liverhearts Split 7"
  • Split 7"
  • Released 08/19/03 on Rob's House

The Orphins make amazing art/rock/dance tunes that make the kids shake and go crazy. Stay tuned for news on the upcoming full-length.

The Orphins are a band flirting with irony.

Conscious misspellings, a melancholic sense of humor, familiar, danceable rhythms coupled with complex textures and sounds—and it all changes with the next phrase of music. A bubblegum riff easily transitions into disco dancing, just to dive into dissonant syncopation. Still, the music is totally self-contained—an Orphins song is instantly recognizable. Lyrically, the band is more intriguing than other bands that are out to keep crowds moving, spinning narratives of lonely outer-space camps and personified animals that allude more to older REM than the typical make-up/break-up tunes.

Guitarist Thomas Barnwell grew up around his parents’ bluegrass only to join a death-metal band called Narcolepsy. Barnwell met guitarist Daniel Upton to start nearly a decade of musical experimentation, leading to their current dueling guitar structure, held down tightly by Jen Wyrick’s quick bass lines and Max McDonough’s steady, up-beat drumming. Since 2000, the band has played through nearly all consequential Atlanta venues and punk rock houses, with groups such as Erase Errata, Go Go Go Airheart, Numbers, and Volcano, I’m Still Excited!, earning a reputation as a band that other bands respect and relish.

In 2003, The Orphins released a split 7” with The Liverhearts that sparked an appearance on Georgia State’s 88.5 FM WRAS Georgia Music Show. The, they toured to promote the national release of their debut Full Length, Drowning Cupid.  Now, finishing touches are being put on their second full-length to be released in the near future.  Keep an ear to the ground as it is sure to an amazing piece of art!