Picture of The Close
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Sun, Burn
Sun, Burn
  • Full Length CD
  • Released 10/31/06 on Goodnight Records
Rosebuds/Close Split 7
Rosebuds/Close Split 7"
  • 7" Single w/Clear Vinyl, Hand Screen Printed
  • Released 11/30/04 on Goodnight Records

The Close were a four-and-a-half-piece (long story) rock outfit that garnered comparisons to Sonic Youth, Built to Spill, Karate and several Dischord-era DC punk bands and hails from the burgeoning Atlanta underground.

Sun, Burn is an album of firsts for The Close: The first time recording digitally and at a professional studio, the first time gamine indie rock diva Theresa Marie Fedor has assumed lead vocals and the first time they’ve invited a guest vocalist into the studio (The Rosebuds’ Ivan Howard appears on “If You Run Out").

Don’t worry though, the band’s essential elements--the intricate guitar work, the sturdy drumming and the pulsating bass--still remain. But the new album is its most focused treatise yet, as well as its most plaintive and subdued effort to date. It expertly examines the difficulties of relationships—maintaining them, second-guessing them and, of course, ending them.

Its jagged and terse instrumentation is then boiled down to the core and served with The Close’s characteristic blend of the Gothic South and a whole lot of charm. Produced by singer/songwriter Brooks Meeks and mixed by Mark Rains (Shooter and Waylon Jennings, OutKast), “Sun, Burn” is a lean testament to the trials and tribulations of the better part of a decade spent living the rock lifestyle.